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The choice for banking union : power, politics and the trap of credible commitments uniba/482442022Rios Camacho, Elena
Legislative communities : Conceptualising and mapping international parliamentary relations uniba/529872022Giesen, Michael  ; Malang, Thomas
Explaining EU integration dynamics in the wake of COVID-19: a domain of application approach uniba/535242022Becker, Manuel ; Gehring, Thomas  
Mechanismen der Konfliktentwicklung zwischen öffentlichen und privaten Organisationen in Regimekomplexen uniba/493792021Becker, Manuel
Analogy-based Collective Decision-making and Incremental Change in International Organizations uniba/510872021Dörfler, Thomas; Gehring, Thomas  
The unintended consequences of regulatory import : the Basel Accord’s failure during the financial crisis uniba/511742021Becker, Manuel ; Linder, Simon
Externalising internal policies via conflict : the EU’s indirect influence on international institutions uniba/500812021Becker, Manuel
The European Union and international sanctions : a model of emerging actorness uniba/488462020Urbanski, Kevin 
Constitutive Mechanisms of UN Security Council Practices. Precedent Pressure, Ratchet Effect and Council Action Regarding Intrastate Conflicts uniba/482682019Gehring, Thomas  ; Dörfler, Thomas
Precedent and doctrine in organisational decision-making: the power of informal institutional rules in the United Nations Security Council’s activities on terrorism uniba/482692019Gehring, Thomas  ; Dorsch, Christian; Dörfler, Thomas
When public principals give up control over private agents: The new independence of ICANN in internet governance uniba/457732019Becker, Manuel
Kaleidoscope : Liability for Transboundary Environmental Damage : Towards a General Liability Regime? uniba/437392018Gehring, Thomas  ; Jachtenfuchs, Markus
Staging Policy Fiascoes: Unveiling the EU's Strategic Game with Policy-Making Failure uniba/437692018Winnwa, Isabel
Internationale Umweltregime uniba/437602018Breitmeier, Helmut; Gehring, Thomas  ; List, Martin; Zürn, Michael
Haftung und Umwelt : Interessenkonflikte im internationalen Weltraum-, Atom- und Seerecht uniba/437612018Gehring, Thomas  ; Jachtenfuchs, Markus
International Environmental regimes : Dynamic sectoral legal systems uniba/437652018Gehring, Thomas  
The Copenhagen Meeting uniba/437762018Gehring, Thomas  ; Oberthür, Sebastian
Haftung für grenzüberschreitende Umweltschäden : Allgemeine Regelung des internationalen Umwelthaftungsrechts uniba/437452018Gehring, Thomas  ; Jachtenfuchs, Markus
Dynamic International Regimes : lnstitutions for International Environmental Governance uniba/437592018Gehring, Thomas  
Haftung für Umweltschäden infolge des Seetransports von Öl : Ein Fall von transnationaler Verregelung uniba/437632018Gehring, Thomas