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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
The nature and origins of political extremism in Germany and Beyond uniba/526852022Jungkunz, Sebastian
The Rise of Political Influencer : Perspectives on a Trend Towards Meaningful Content uniba/523072021Riedl, Magdalena ; Schwemmer, Carsten; Ziewiecki, Sandra; Ross, Lisa M.
Vote choices of left-authoritarians : Misperceived congruence and issue salience uniba/495672021Steiner, Nils D.; Hillen, Sven
The Politics of Select Committee Assignments in the British House of Commons uniba/496342021Fernandes, Jorge M.; Saalfeld, Thomas  ; Schwemmer, Carsten
Unemployment and Labour Market Policy Attitudes : Political Predispositions, Economic Self- Interest, and Questions of Causality uniba/521272021Wehl, Nadja  
Opposing Immigrants in Europe : The Interplay Between Religiosity, Values, and Threat uniba/501282021Benoit, Verena  
Explaining the immigration policy mix : Countries' relative openness to asylum and labour migration uniba/535292021Schultz, Caroline; Lutz, Philipp; Simon, Stephan
Transnational terrorism and restrictive immigration policies uniba/498362020Helbling, Marc; Meierrieks, Daniel
Policy Dilemmas of Migration Control : Liberal Democracies and Migrants with Precarious Legal Status uniba/487052020Schultz, Caroline
Restricting immigration to foster migrant integration? : A comparative study across 22 European countries uniba/534702020Helbling, Marc; Simon, Stephan ; Schmid, Samuel D.
Attitudes towards climate change migrants uniba/534512020Helbling, Marc
Ambiguous goals, uneven implementation : how immigration offices shape internal immigration control in Germany uniba/474742020Schultz, Caroline
Collective sense-making in times of crisis : Connecting terror management theory with Twitter user reactions to the Berlin terrorist attack uniba/500922019Fischer-Pre├čler, Diana  ; Schwemmer, Carsten; Fischbach, Kai  
Computational Methods for the Social Sciences: Applications to the Study of Ethnic Minorities uniba/464632019Schwemmer, Carsten
Antidiscrimination Laws, Policy Knowledge, and Political Support uniba/458432019Ziller, Conrad; Helbling, Marc
The Methodological Divide of Sociology: Evidence from Two Decades of Journal Publications uniba/459742019Schwemmer, Carsten; Wieczorek, Oliver  
A prospect of staying? Differentiated access to integration for asylum seekers in Germany uniba/458382019Schultz, Caroline
An Empirical Comparison of Seven Populist Attitudes Scales uniba/458492019Castanho Silva, Bruno; Jungkunz, Sebastian ; Helbling, Marc; Littvay, Levente
Towards a Measurement of Extreme Left-Wing Attitudes uniba/458392019Jungkunz, Sebastian
Xenophobia Before and After the Paris 2015 Attacks. Evidence from a Natural Experiment uniba/458132019Jungkunz, Sebastian ; Helbling, Marc; Schwemmer, Carsten