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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
“Never hide who you are" : Queer Representation and Actorvism in Star Trek : Discovery uniba/497452020Mittermeier, Sabrina; Spychala, Mareike
Not Your Daddy’s Star Trek : Exploring Female Characters in Star Trek : Discovery uniba/497462020Spychala, Mareike
Fighting for the future : essays on Star Trek : Discovery uniba/497442020
Military SF für das 21. Jahrhundert uniba/497472020Spychala, Mareike
“It’s a work in progress, but so’s life." : Frauen in Star Trek: Discovery und Doctor Who. uniba/497482020Mittermeier, Sabrina; Spychala, Mareike
Ecozon@ : European journal of literature, culture and environment uniba/458412019
Toward an Ecopoetics of Randomness and Design: An Introduction uniba/458262019Bellarsi, Franca; Rauscher, Judith
"There is a definite minority of round-eyed women" : Gender, Ethnicity, and Militarism in Women's Vietnam War Autobiographies uniba/497432019Spychala, Mareike
Introduction uniba/477012019Manghi, Chiara ; Spychala, Mareike ; Strempel, Lina  
War and trauma in past and present : an interdisciplinary collection of essays uniba/476992019
American Wife and Hesitation Kills : Gender and War on the Home Front and in Iraq uniba/445102018Spychala, Mareike
Handbook of the American Novel of the Nineteenth Century uniba/441382018
The Natural World uniba/441612018Gerhardt, Christine
Reading the Nineteenth-Century Novel in the Present : An Introduction uniba/441652018Gerhardt, Christine
'We must travel abreast with Nature, if we want to understand her’: Place and Mobility in Dickinson’s and Whitman’s Environmental Poetry. uniba/430382018Gerhardt, Christine
'Raging Bull:' Contesting Masculinity in Joyce Carol Oates' A Book of American Martyrs (2017) uniba/475142018Seeliger, Henriette  
Boschman, Robert, In the way of nature : ecology and westward expansion in the poetry of Anne Bradstreet, Elizabeth Bishop and Amy Clampitt / Robert Boschman : Jefferson, 2009 uniba/430782017Gerhardt, Christine
Emily Dickinson Now : Environments, Ecologies, Politics ; A Commentary uniba/430302017Gerhardt, Christine
Introduction uniba/420432016Gerhardt, Christine ; Grewe-Volpp, Christa
Imagining a Mobile Sense of Place : Towards an Ecopoetics of Mobility uniba/419992016Gerhardt, Christine