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Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Labor Market Surveys at the German Institute for Employment Research uniba/512032020Sakshaug, Joseph W.; Beste, Jonas; Coban, Mustafa; Fendel, Tanja; Haas, Georg-Christoph; Hülle, Sebastian; Kosyakova, Yuliya  ; König, Corinna; Kreuter, Frauke; Küfner, Benjamin; Müller, Bettina; Osiander, Christopher; Schwanhäuser, Silvia; Stephan, Gesine; Vallizadeh, Ehsan ; Volkert, Marieke; Wenzig, Claudia; Westermeier, Christian; Zabel, Cordula; Zins, Stefan
Statistical Identification of Fraudulent Interviews in Surveys : Improving Interviewer Controls uniba/512042020Schwanhäuser, Silvia; Sakshaug, Joseph; Kosyakova, Yuliya  ; Kreuter, Frauke
Bad Science : die dunkle Seite der Statistik uniba/469912020Meinfelder, Florian  ; Kluge, Rebekka
Nationalismus und Globalisierung : Spannungsfelder der Gegenwart uniba/472972020Schubert, Annika; Huf, Dominik; Bollwein, Thomas; Schafhauser, Kathrina ; Wiesinger, Jakob ; Hofmann, Sabine
Investigation of Automated and Augmented Covariate Imputation during the Estimation of two Confirmatory Multidimensional Bayesian Latent Variable Models uniba/464972019Schnapp, Thorsten
What drives participatory policy processes: Grassroot activities, scientific knowledge or donor money? – A comparative policy network approach uniba/464242019Henning, Christian; Aßmann, Christian  ; Hedtrich, Johannes; Ehrenfels, Julian; Krampe, Eva
Survey item nonresponse and its treatment uniba/458372019Rässler, Susanne; Riphahn, Regina
A Non-Iterative Bayesian Approach to Statistical Matching uniba/458032019Rässler, Susanne
Bayesian Analysis of Network Data : Model Selection and Evaluation of the Exponential Random Graph Model uniba/435322018Körber, Julian
Missing values in linear dynamic panel models : a Bayesian approach towards model comparison uniba/429432018Preising, Marcel
The Formation of Elite Communication Networks in Malawi: A Bayesian Econometric Approach uniba/426422018Aßmann, Christian  ; Krampe, Eva; Henning, Christian
Bayesian estimation of latent trait distributions considering hierarchical structures and partially missing covariate data uniba/426322017Gaasch, Jean-Christoph
KriMI: A Multiple Imputation Approach for Preserving Spatial Dependencies : Imputation of Regional Price Indices using the Example of Bavaria uniba/426452017Bleninger, Sara
Analysis of person-situation interactions in educational settings via cross-classified multilevel longitudinal modelling: illustrated with the example of students’ stress experience uniba/417612017Kärner, Tobias; Sembill, Detlef ; Aßmann, Christian  ; Friederichs, Edgar ; Carstensen, Claus H.
Bayesian Analysis of Static and Dynamic Factor Models : An Ex-Post Approach towards the Rotation Problem uniba/400232016Aßmann, Christian  ; Boysen-Hogrefe, Jens; Pape, Markus
Increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity among children in Vilnius, Lithuania: comparison of two longitudinal data sets of children born in 1990 and 1996 uniba/428152016Suchumlinov, Andrej; Cerskus, Gediminas; Kolosov, Andrej; Rakita, Ignas; Aßmann, Christian  ; Jakimaviciene, Eglė; Tutkuviene, Janina
Sex, Sport, IGF-1 and the community effect in height hypothesis uniba/401232015Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael; Blum, Werner F.; Bogin, Barry
Height and skeletal morphology in relation to modern life style uniba/400672015Hermanussen, Michael; Scheffler, C.; Groth, Detlef; Aßmann, Christian  
Nonparametric multiple imputation for questionnaires with individual skip patterns and constraints : The case of income imputation in the National Educational Panel Study uniba/400772015Aßmann, Christian  ; Würbach, Ariane ; Goßmann, Solange; Geißler, Ferdinand; Bela, Anika
Sampling and Weighting Cohort Samples in Institutional Contexts : The National Educational Panel Study cohort samples of Kindergarten children, students in Grade 5 and in Grade 9 uniba/400762015Aßmann, Christian  ; Rässler, Susanne; Steinhauer, Hans W.; Zinn, Sabine; Goßmann, Solange