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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
On Integrated L1 Convergence Rate of an Isotonic Regression Estimator for Multivariate Observations uniba/487762020Fokianos, Konstantinos; Leucht, Anne  ; Neumann, Michael H.
Community‐based clustering of height in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam uniba/442932018Mumm, Rebekka; Aßmann, Christian  
Tests Based on Simplicial Depth for AR(1) Models With Explosion uniba/474732016Kustosz, C.P.; Leucht, Anne  ; MÜller, C.H.
Bootstrapping sample quantiles of discrete data uniba/474702016Jentsch, Carsten; Leucht, Anne  
Managing inventory systems of slow-moving items uniba/482942015Hahn, G.J.; Leucht, Anne  
Dependent Wild Bootstrap for the Empirical Process uniba/482952015Doukhan, P.; Lang, G.; Leucht, Anne  ; Neumann, M.H.
A Model Specification Test For GARCH(1,1) Processes uniba/474722015Leucht, Anne  ; Kreiss, J.-P.; Neumann, M.H.
Dependent wild bootstrap for degenerate U- and V-statistics uniba/474712013Leucht, Anne  ; Neumann, M.H.
Degenerate U - And v -statistics under ergodicity: Asymptotics, bootstrap and applications in statistics uniba/475042013Leucht, Anne  ; Neumann, M.H.
Characteristic function-based hypothesis tests under weak dependence uniba/482932012Leucht, Anne  
Degenerate U- and v -statistics under weak dependence: Asymptotic theory and bootstrap consistency uniba/475032012Leucht, Anne  
Consistency of general bootstrap methods for degenerate U-type and V-type statistics uniba/477062009Leucht, Anne  ; Neumann, M.H.