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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Towards Effective Use of Technology-Enabled Systems in Emergency Management and Crisis Situations uniba/526202022Fischer-Preßler, Diana  
Exploiting Domain-specific Knowledge for Classifier Learning : AU-based Facial Expression Analysis and Emotion Recognition uniba/499322021Seuß, Dominik
Natural Multimodal Interaction in the Car - Generating Design Support for Speech, Gesture, and Gaze Interaction while Driving uniba/518262021Roider, Florian
Information Privacy in the Digital Age : Theoretical Foundation and Empirical Evidence uniba/478452020Wirth, Jakob
Towards Robust and Interpretable Practical Applications of Automatic Mental State Analysis Using a Dynamic and Hybrid Facial Action Estimation Approach uniba/486412020Hassan, Teena
Analyzing and Increasing the Potential of Social Commerce Initiatives : Theoretical Foundations, Empirical Evidence, and Design Recommendations uniba/472692020Friedrich, Thomas 
Consumer Health Information Technology : Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity in the Contexts of Older People and Fitness Tracking Technology uniba/468402020Rockmann, Robert
Data Structure Identification from Executions of Pointer Programs uniba/473252020Rupprecht, Thomas
On the Portability of Applications in Platform as a Service uniba/451222019Kolb, Stefan
GPS Data-Based Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Simulation uniba/465322019Wenig, Jürgen
Effective and Efficient Summarization of Two-Dimensional Point Data : Approaches for Resource Description and Selection in Spatial Application Scenarios uniba/469172019Kufer, Stefan
The App Store Model for Enterprise Application Software uniba/451192019Wenzel, Stefan
The Human Side of Business Process Standardization : a Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of Employee Process Change Acceptance uniba/452012019Kettenbohrer, Janina
Coping with the Dark Side of Information Technology : Theoretical Foundation and Empirical Evidence uniba/454822019Weinert, Christoph  
Private Information Systems and Self-Tracking : Status-Quo and Usage Behavior uniba/469012019Kupfer, Anna
On the Automated Derivation of Domain-Specific UML Profiles uniba/456482019Kraas, Alexander
Business/IT Shared Understanding : an Empirical Analysis of the Contextual Formation and Time-Dependent Evolution of Shared Understanding Among Business and IT Professionals uniba/454672019Jentsch, Christian
Predictive Analytics for Energy Efficiency and Energy Retailing uniba/456172019Hopf, Konstantin  
Ermittlung aufgabenbezogener Integrationsbedarfe zur Ableitung von Integrationsarchitekturen für Informationssysteme uniba/455372019Bader, Florian
Reverse Engineering of Real-Time System Models From Event Trace Recordings uniba/465062019Sailer, Andreas