Wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen der Universität

Wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen der Universität

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Academy of Key Competence and Academic Further Education (ASwW)  Hörmann, Stefan 
Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS)  Saalfeld, Thomas 
Bamberg Center for Empirical Studies (BACES) N/A
Bamberg Graduate School of Affective and Cognitive Sciences (BaGrACS)  Carbon, Claus-Christian 
Bamberg Graduate School of Business Administration and Management (BaGSB)  Ivens, Björn Sven 
Bamberg Graduate School of Historical Studies (BaGraHist)  Eickels, Klaus van 
Bamberg Graduate School of Linguistic (BaGL)  Noel Aziz Hanna, Patrizia 
Bamberg Graduate School of Literary, Cultural and Media Studies (BaGraLCM)  Nonnenmacher, Kai 
Bamberg Graduate School for Medieval Studies (BaGraMs)  Kempgen, Sebastian 
Bamberg Graduate School of Near and Middle Eastern Studies (BaGOS)  Franke, Patrick 
Research Group 'Educational Processes, Competence Development and Selection Decisions in Preschool- and School Age (BiKS)' N/A
Research Centre of Applied Personnel Psychology (KAP)  Schütz, Astrid 
Centre for Heritage Conservation Studies and Technologies  Drewello, Rainer 
Research Center for Business Models in the Digital World  Pflaum, Alexander 
TRAc - Projects  Saalfeld, Thomas 
TRAc - Senior Researchers  Saalfeld, Thomas 
Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc)  Saalfeld, Thomas 
Center for innovative Applications of Computing  Schlieder, Christoph 
Centre for Interreligious Studies  Talabardon, Susanne 
Centre for Medieval Studies  Bennewitz, Ingrid