Report on the impact of the institutional setting and policies on the well-being and health of youth in insecure labour market positions in EU-28 and Ukraine

Faculty/Professorship: Methods of Empirical Social Research  
Author(s): Athanasiades, Christina; Figgou, Lia; Flouli, Anastasia; Gebel, Michael  ; Gousia, Katerina; Högberg, Björn; Kostouli, Marialena; Nizalova, Olena; Shapoval, Nataliia; Sourvinou, Martina; Strandh, Mattias; Täht, Kadri; Unt, Marge; Voßemer, Jonas; Xanthopoulou, Despoina
ISSN: 2504-7159
Corporate Body: Tallinn University
Publisher Information: Tallinn
Year of publication: 2016
Pages: 140
ISBN: 978-9949-29-299-8
Series ; Volume: EXCEPT Working Papers ; 7
Language(s): English
Type: Book
Year of publication: 19. December 2016