Innovation Success and Absorptive Capacity : The Combined Influence of Information Systems and Combinative Capabilities ; A Theoretical Model

Faculty/Professorship: Information Systems and Services  
Author(s): Moos, Bernhard ; Wagner, Heinz-Theo; Beimborn, Daniel  ; Weitzel, Tim  
Title of the compilation: Proceedings of the 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Chicago (IL) : AMCIS 2013
Corporate Body: 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Chicago (IL)
Publisher Information: AIS Electronic Library (AISeL)
Year of publication: 2013
Series ; Volume: General Presentations ; 22
Language(s): English
Innovation is important for a firm`s success and has been shown to be essentially influenced by absorptive capacity (ACAP). ACAP has been conceptualized by various dimensions that, in turn, rest on diverse antecedents. Currently, little is known about the impact of information systems (IS) on these dimensions of ACAP. Drawing on the complementarity argument that IS will only render an effect if jointly employed with complementary organizational capabilities, we develop a research model that elucidates the interplay of organizational capabilities, ACAP, and their effect on innovation success. In particular, we deal with combinative capabilities by splitting these organizational capabilities into mechanisms and control modes. Addressing calls in the literature and from industry, this model contributes to our understanding of how to build and improve a firm’s innovation capabilities by theorizing combinative capabilities and IS as antecedents of ACAP.
Type: Conferenceobject
Year of publication: 16. April 2014