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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Kori: Interactive Synthesis of Text and Charts in Data Documents uniba/521412022Latif, Shahid  ; Zhou, Zheng; Kim, Yoon; Kim, Nam Wook; Beck, Fabian  
Talking Realities: Audio Guides in Virtual Reality Visualizations uniba/521392022Latif, Shahid  ; Tarner, Hagen; Beck, Fabian  
Introduction to Multivariate Data Visualization uniba/540582022Beck, Fabian  ; Latif, Shahid  
Visual Comparison of Multi-label Classification Results uniba/531762021Krause, Cedric ; Agarwal, Shivam  ; Ghoniem, Mohammad; Beck, Fabian  
Visually Connecting Historical Figures Through Event Knowledge Graphs uniba/538432021Latif, Shahid  ; Agarwal, Shivam  ; Gottschalk, Simon; Chrosch, Carina; Feit, Felix; Jahn, Johannes; Braun, Tobias; Tchenko, Yanick Christian; Demidova, Elena; Beck, Fabian  
A Deeper Understanding of Visualization–Text Interplay in Geographic Data-driven Stories uniba/521402021Latif, Shahid  ; Chen, Siming; Beck, Fabian  
Guest Editors’ Introduction: Special Section on IEEE PacificVis 2020 uniba/521312020Beck, Fabian  ; Seo, Jinwook; Wang, Chaoli
Exploranative Code Quality Documents uniba/519512020Mumtaz, Haris; Latif, Shahid  ; Beck, Fabian  ; Weiskopf, Daniel
Bombalytics: Visualization of Competition and Collaboration Strategies of Players in a Bomb Laying Game uniba/518702020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Wallner, Günter; Beck, Fabian  
Exploring a Multi-focus Visual Comparison of Dynamic Graphs uniba/521202020Tarner, Hagen; Beschastnikh, Ivan; Beck, Fabian  
Visualizing Evolution and Performance Metrics on Method Level as Multivariate Data uniba/521182020Tarner, Hagen; Frick, Veit; Pinzger, Martin; Beck, Fabian  
An expert study on hierarchy comparison methods applied to biological taxonomies curation uniba/521242020Sancho-Chavarría, Lilliana; Beck, Fabian  ; Mata-Montero, Erick
Demo of the EyeSAC System for Visual Synchronization, Cleaning, and Annotation of Eye Movement Data uniba/521332020Kumar, Ayush; Mohanty, Debesh; Kurzhals, Kuno; Beck, Fabian  ; Weiskopf, Daniel; Mueller, Klaus
A Design and Application Space for Visualizing User Sessions of Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments uniba/518742020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Auda, Jonas; Schneegaß, Stefan; Beck, Fabian  
Set Streams: Visual Exploration of Dynamic Overlapping Sets uniba/519552020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Beck, Fabian  
Can a Chatbot Support Software Engineers with Load Testing? Approach and Experiences uniba/521292020Okanović, Dušan; Beck, Samuel; Merz, Lasse; Zorn, Christoph; Merino, Leonel; van Hoorn, André; Beck, Fabian  
Visualizing Sets and Changes in Membership Using Layered Set Intersection Graphs uniba/521222020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Tkachev, Gleb; Wermelinger, Michel; Beck, Fabian  
Visualizing AI Playtesting Data of 2D Side-scrolling Games uniba/521152020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Herrmann, Christian; Wallner, Günter; Beck, Fabian  
How Visualization PhD Students Cope with Paper Rejections uniba/521382020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Latif, Shahid  ; Beck, Fabian  
VIS Author Profiles: Interactive Descriptions of Publication Records Combining Text and Visualization uniba/519522019Latif, Shahid  ; Beck, Fabian