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Occupational routine intensity and the costs of job loss: evidence from mass layoffs uniba/507162021Blien, Uwe; Dauth, Wolfgang ; Roth, Duncan
Adjusting to Globalization in Germany uniba/507272021Dauth, Wolfgang ; Findeisen, Sebastian; Südekum, Jens
The Adjustment of Labor Markets to Robots uniba/507212021Dauth, Wolfgang ; Südekum, Jens; Findeisen, Sebastian; Wössner, Nicole
Is there loss aversion in the trade-off between wages and commuting distances? uniba/507262020Dauth, Wolfgang ; Haller, Peter
Preparing the sample of integrated labour market biographies (SIAB) for scientific analysis: a guide uniba/507202020Dauth, Wolfgang ; Eppelsheimer, Johann
Berufliches pendeln in deutschland uniba/507252018haller, peter; Dauth, Wolfgang
Erratum zu: Verlierer(-regionen) der Globalisierung in Deutschland : Wer? Warum? Was tun? uniba/507192017Südekum, Jens; Dauth, Wolfgang ; Findeisen, Sebastian
Verlierer(-regionen) der Globalisierung in Deutschland: Wer? Warum? Was tun? uniba/507142017Südekum, Jens; Dauth, Wolfgang ; Findeisen, Sebastian
Trade and Manufacturing Jobs in Germany uniba/507232017Dauth, Wolfgang ; Findeisen, Sebastian; Südekum, Jens
Long-run processes of geographical concentration and dispersion: Evidence from Germany uniba/507292016Dauth, Wolfgang ; Fuchs, Michaela; Otto, Anne
Globalization and local profiles of economic growth and industrial change uniba/507172015Dauth, Wolfgang ; Südekum, Jens
Exporters and wage inequality during the Great Recession—Evidence from Germany uniba/498712015Dauth, Wolfgang ; Schmerer, Hans-Joerg; Winkler, Erwin
A large cohort of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in a single European centre: Aetiology and prognosis now and in a historical cohort uniba/507182014Ganslmayer, M.; Hagel, Alexander Fritzkarl; Dauth, Wolfgang ; Zopf, S.; Strobel, D.; Mul̈ler, V.; Uder, M.; Neurath, M.F.; Siebler, J.
The Rise of the East and the Far East: German Labor Markets and Trade Integration uniba/507302014Dauth, Wolfgang ; Findeisen, Sebastian; Südekum, Jens
Do Regions Benefit from Active Labour Market Policies? A Macroeconometric Evaluation Using Spatial Panel Methods uniba/507242014Dauth, Wolfgang ; Hujer, Reinhard; Wolf, Katja
The institutional context of an 'empirical law' : The wage curve under different regimes of collective bargaining uniba/392432013Blien, Uwe; Dauth, Wolfgang ; Schank, Thorsten; Schnabel, Claus
Neukonzeption der Typisierung im SGB-II-Bereich : Vorgehensweise und Ergebnisse uniba/392542013Dauth, Wolfgang ; Dorner, Matthias; Blien, Uwe
Mast cell tryptase levels in gut mucosa in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms caused by food allergy uniba/507222013Hagel, Alexander Fritzkarl; Derossi, T.; Zopf, Y.; Konturek, P.; Dauth, Wolfgang ; Kressel, J.; Hahn, E.G.; Raithel, Martin
Small-bowel capsule endoscopy in patients with gastrointestinal food allergy uniba/507152012Hagel, Alexander Fritzkarl; De Rossi, T.M.; Zopf, Y.; Lindner, A.S.; Dauth, Wolfgang ; Neurath, M.F.; Raithel, M.
Agglomeration and regional employment dynamics* uniba/507282012Dauth, Wolfgang