Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness

Global leadership and organizational behaviour effectiveness
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GLOBE (Global leadership and organizational behaviour effectiveness) is a long-term multi-phase, multi-methodological programme of cross-cultural research designed to conceptualise, operationalise, test and validate a cross-level integrated theory of the relationship between culture and societal, organisational and leadership effectiveness. A team of 160 scholars have worked together since 1994 to study societal culture, organisational culture and the attributes of effective leadership in 62 cultures. GLOBE has become one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of its kind in the social sciences. GLOBE 2020 is the next phase of the GLOBE mission, consisting of two considerable and rigorous studies. Study 1 focuses on the drivers and dynamics of cultural change and trust building in societies. Study 2 focuses on the relationship between national culture, leadership and important organisational practices, i.e. cultural influences on leadership with regards to specific HR practices, employee career strategies, attitudes and performance. The researchers will build on the past two decades of findings and focus on two important research questions: To what extent have the cultures of the countries in the original GLOBE study changed and what are the major societal drivers of any cultural changes? What is the relationship between national culture and the dynamics of trust building in different countries? In addition, GLOBE 2020 will collect cultural information from a large number of the countries in Africa and the Middle East that were not included in the original GLOBE study. Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen is a member of the global research project. She will play a significant role in the conduct of the on-site research activities in Germany such as data collection, participation in instrument design and data analysis and the creation of reports, documents, publications, etc. Funding: GLOBE Foundation More information:

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