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Uni.vers Forschung : das Magazin der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg uniba/500412022Achter, Patricia ; Braches-Chyrek, Rita  ; Düchs, Martin  ; Färber, Tanja  ; Finzel, Bettina  ; Ganesch, Franziska ; Graichen, Joanna  ; Horn, Matthias  ; Oehler, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Scheltjens, Werner  ; Schmid, Ute  ; Schneider, Pauline  ; Staake, Thorsten ; Steins-Löber, Sabine  ; Stingl, Carlo ; Stöckl, Andreas ; Struck, Olaf  ; Seiferth, Caroline  ; Wolstein, Jörg  
Towards Effective Use of Technology-Enabled Systems in Emergency Management and Crisis Situations uniba/526202022Fischer-Preßler, Diana  
A Protection-Motivation Perspective to Explain Intention to Use and Continue to Use Mobile Warning Systems uniba/500882022Fischer-Preßler, Diana  ; Bonaretti, Dario; Fischbach, Kai  
Examining the trade-offs between human fertility and longevity over three centuries using crowdsourced genealogy data uniba/511092021Hsu, Chen-Hao  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; Fischbach, Kai  ; Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette
Opening organizational learning in crisis management : On the affordances of social media uniba/517802021Eismann, Kathrin  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; Fischbach, Kai  
Extending the foundations of AI literacy uniba/526512021Heyder, Teresa  ; Posegga, Oliver  
Populist Supporters on Reddit : A Comparison of Content and Behavioral Patterns Within Publics of Supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton uniba/496182021Jungherr, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; An, Jisun
The problem with SMS campus warning systems : An evaluation based on recipients’ spatial awareness uniba/500892021Bonaretti, Dario; Fischer-Preßler, Diana  
Diffusion and persistence of false rumors in social media networks: implications of searchability on rumor self-correction on Twitter uniba/495052021Eismann, Kathrin  
Negative Effects of Enterprise Social Networks on Employees - A Case Study uniba/479752020Heymann, Sarah Diana; Fischer-Preßler, Diana  ; Fischbach, Kai  
Effective Use of Mobile-Enabled Emergency Warning Systems uniba/479742020Fischer-Preßler, Diana  ; Bonaretti, Dario; Fischbach, Kai  
Information technology and risk management in supply chains uniba/479652020Fischer-Preßler, Diana  ; Eismann, Kathrin  ; Pietrowski, Rafael; Fischbach, Kai  ; Schoder, Detlef
Social Network Analysis in Software Development Projects : A Systematic Literature Review uniba/490872020Schreiber, Roland Robert; Zylka, Matthäus
VIMA : Modeling and Visualization of High Dimensional Machine Sensor Data Leveraging Multiple Sources of Domain Knowledge uniba/512292020Eirich, Joscha ; Jackle, Dominik; Schreck, Tobias; Bonart, Jakob; Posegga, Oliver  ; Fischbach, Kai  
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Is Leaving of Them All: Predictions for Employee Turnover with Gated Recurrent Neural Networks uniba/457572019de Oliveira, Joao M.; Zylka, Matthäus; Gloor, Peter A.; Joshi, Tushar
Procedural Influence on Consensus Formation in Social Networks uniba/449322019Eismann, Kathrin  
Towards Social Media Decision Support for Joined EMS and Crisis Logistics uniba/456202019Eismann, Kathrin  ; Reuter-Oppermann, Melanie; Fischbach, Kai  
Political Discussions in Homogeneous and Cross-Cutting Communication Spaces uniba/491122019An, Jisun; Kwak, Haewoon; Posegga, Oliver  ; Jungherr, Andreas  
The Bezos-Gate : Exploring the Online Content of the Washington Post uniba/491112019Weitz, Katharina; Johren, Florian; Seifert, Lukas; Li, Sha; Zhou, Jiexin; Posegga, Oliver  
Discursive power in contemporary media systems : A comparative framework uniba/491102019Jungherr, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; An, Jisun