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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Optimal and fair prizing in sequential round-robin tournaments: experimental evidence uniba/540322022Lauber, Arne ; March, Christoph  ; Sahm, Marco  
Essays in Applied Contest Theory: Round-Robin Tournaments and Innovation Competition uniba/524732022Lauber, Arne
Strategic (Corporate) Social Responsibility uniba/495932021Planer-Friedrich, Lisa
Strategic CSR in Asymmetric Cournot Duopoly uniba/534542020Planer-Friedrich, Lisa; Sahm, Marco  
Coordinating intergenerational redistribution and the repayment of public debt: an experimental test of Tabellini (1991) uniba/534472020March, Christoph  ; Weizsäcker, Robert K. von
The perks of being in the smaller team: incentives in overlapping contests uniba/473222019March, Christoph  ; Sahm, Marco  
The behavioral economics of artificial intelligence: Lessons from experiments with computer players uniba/473212019March, Christoph  
Advance-Purchase Financing of Projects with Few Buyers uniba/534562019Sahm, Marco  
Are sequential round‐robin tournaments discriminatory? uniba/440352018Sahm, Marco  
How effective are advertising bans? On the demand for quality in two-sided media markets uniba/439252018Greiner, Tanja; Sahm, Marco  
Contests as selection mechanisms: The impact of risk aversion uniba/440522018March, Christoph  ; Sahm, Marco  
Sequential Round-Robin Tournaments with Multiple Prizes uniba/430032017Laica, Christoph; Lauber, Arne ; Sahm, Marco  
Strategic corporate social responsibility uniba/425142017Planer-Friedrich, Lisa; Sahm, Marco  
Contests as selection mechanisms: the impact of risk aversion uniba/425172017March, Christoph  ; Sahm, Marco  
Are sequential round-robin tournaments discriminatory? uniba/425202017Sahm, Marco  
Risk aversion and prudence in contests uniba/425012017Sahm, Marco  
Asymmetric discouragement in asymmetric contests uniba/440532017March, Christoph  ; Sahm, Marco  
Risk aversion and prudence in contests uniba/440212017Sahm, Marco  
Advance-purchase financing of projects with few buyers uniba/424942016Sahm, Marco  
Asymmetric discouragement in asymmetric contests uniba/425182016March, Christoph  ; Sahm, Marco