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Az idősebb munkavállalók álláspályázati esélyeinekvizsgálata vignetta módszerrel uniba/497552021Berde, Éva; Bittmann, Felix
How does exposure to a different school track influence learning progress? : Explaining scissor effects by track in Germany uniba/510012021Traini, Claudia  ; Kleinert, Corinna  ; Bittmann, Felix
Readers' perceived task demands and their relation to multiple document comprehension strategies and outcome uniba/499252021Schoor, Cornelia ; Rouet, Jean-François; Artelt, Cordula  ; Mahlow, Nina ; Hahnel, Carolin; Kroehne, Ulf; Goldhammer, Frank
Investigating the total contribution of body height to the variance decomposition of several outcomes in a multinational setting uniba/497822021Bittmann, Felix
Compromises in occupational choice and stability of vocational education and training uniba/498322021Ahrens, Lea ; Fischer, Melanie; Kleinert, Corinna  ; Schels, Brigitte
Bootstrapping : An Integrated Approach with Python and Stata uniba/498202021Bittmann, Felix
Für wen brachte Corona einen Digitalisierungsschub? : Veränderungen in der Nutzung digitaler Technologien während der COVID-19-Pandemie uniba/498402021Kleinert, Corinna  ; Bächmann, Ann-Christin ; Schulz, Benjamin; Vicari, Basha; Ehlert, Martin
Measuring Educational Trajectories of Adolescent Refugees in a Longitudinal Perspective : Challenges and Solutions in the ReGES Study uniba/510762021Becker, Regina ; Weber, Florian ; Bentata, Pascal
Nicht alle Wünsche werden wahr : Welche Kompromisse Jugendliche beim Ausbildungsberuf eingehen uniba/495852021Ahrens, Lea; Kleinert, Corinna  ; Fischer, Melanie; Schels, Brigitte
Does tracking really affect labour-market outcomes in the long run? : Estimating the long-term effects of secondary-school tracking in West Germany uniba/493212021Traini, Claudia  ; Kleinert, Corinna  ; Schindler, Steffen  
An investigation of the causal effect of educational expectations on school performance : Behavioral consequences, time-stable confounding, or reciprocal causality? uniba/493502021Dochow, Stephan; Neumeyer, Sebastian
Personality Traits and Further Training uniba/497582020Laible, Marie-Christine; Anger, Silke ; Baumann, Martina
Revisiting the causal effect of education on political participation and interest uniba/498112020Bömmel, Nadja ; Heineck, Guido  
The influence of regional school infrastructure and labor market conditions on the transition process to secondary schooling in Germany uniba/487502020Sixt, Michaela ; Aßmann, Christian  
Selectivity profiles of recently arrived refugees and labour migrants in Germany uniba/495862020Spörlein, Christoph; Kristen, Cornelia  ; Schmidt, Regine  ; Welker, Jörg
Instructed highlighting of text passages : Indicator of reading or strategic performance uniba/488482020Heyne, Nora ; Artelt, Cordula  ; Gnambs, Timo ; Gehrer, Karin ; Schoor, Cornelia 
Proficiency Level Descriptors for Low Reading Proficiency: An Integrative Process Model. uniba/488472020Durda, Tabea; Artelt, Cordula  ; Lechner, Clemens M.; Rammstedt, Beatrice; Wicht, Alexandra
Reading for Entertainment or Information Reception? : Gender differences in Reading Preferences and their Impact on Text-Type-Specific Reading Competences in Adult Readers uniba/488492020Thums, Kathrin ; Artelt, Cordula  ; Wolter, Ilka
Multiple Document Comprehension of University Students - Test Development and Relations to Person and Process Characteristics uniba/476032020Schoor, Cornelia ; Hahnel, Carolin; Mahlow, Nina ; Klagges, J.; Kroehne, Ulf; Goldhammer, Frank; Artelt, Cordula  
Beyond the U-Shape : Mapping the Functional Form Between Age and Life Satisfaction for 81 Countries Utilizing a Cluster Procedure uniba/488832020Bittmann, Felix