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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
A study of immigrants' employment careers in West Germany using the sequence analysis technique uniba/175752007Kogan, Irena
Continuing Ethnic Segmentation in Austria uniba/175792007Kogan, Irena
Education systems of Central and Eastern European countries uniba/171572008Kogan, Irena
Educational Selectivity and Labor Market Attainment of Jewish Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel and Germany in the 1990s uniba/175802008Kogan, Irena
Einstellungen gegenüber ethnischen Minderheiten in Europa / Vorwort uniba/42882010Siegert, Manuel; Kogan, Irena
Einstellungen gegenüber ethnischen Minderheiten in Europa. Analysen mit dem European Social Survey uniba/2422010Siegert, Manuel; Kogan, Irena; Baur, Hanna; Klein, Daniel; Seuring, Julian ; Walcher, Gina; Weidner, Anja; Geißler, Ferdinand; Hartmann, Johannes; Kestler, Johannes; Raumer, Daniel; Schwarzer, Bettina
Ethnic inequalities at labour market entry in Belgium and Spain uniba/182782002Kogan, Irena
Ethnic Inequalities at the Transition from School to Work in Belgium and Spain: Discrimination or Self-Exclusion? uniba/175762006Kogan, Irena
Europe enlarged : a handbook of education, labour and welfare regimes in Central and Eastern Europe uniba/171342008Kogan, Irena; Gebel, Michael
Higher education entry of Turkish immigrant youth in Germany uniba/175682008Kristen, Cornelia ; Kogan, Irena
Labor Markets and Economic Incorporation among Recent Immigrants in Europe uniba/175952006Kogan, Irena
Next year in Jerusalem ... or in Cologne? Labor Market Integration of Jewish: Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel and Germany in the 1990s uniba/175722007Kogan, Irena
School-to-Work transitions in Europe / Introduction uniba/182822002Kogan, Irena
School-to-Work transitions in Europe : analyses of the EULFS 2000 Ad Hoc Module uniba/183182002Kogan, Irena
Self-fulfilling prophecies in the classroom: Teacher expectations, teacher feedback and student achievement uniba/472632020Gentrup, Sarah; Lorenz, Georg ; Kristen, Cornelia ; Kogan, Irena
Stereotype bei Lehrkräften? Eine Untersuchung systematisch verzerrter Lehrererwartungen uniba/447922016Lorenz, Georg; Gentrup, Sarah; Kristen, Cornelia ; Stanat, Petra; Kogan, Irena
The education of migrants and their children across the life course uniba/43322011Kristen, Cornelia ; Kogan, Irena; Will, Gisela
The effects of relative group size on occupational outcomes: Turks and Ex-Yugoslavs in Austria uniba/175702006Kogan, Irena
The International Standard Classification of Education 1997: challenges in the application to national data and the implementation in cross-national surveys uniba/175712008Kogan, Irena
The Role of Host Countries' Institutional Characteristics in the Labour Market. Success of Third-country Immigrants in Europe uniba/175672007Kogan, Irena