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A note on reliefs for traveling expenses to work uniba/355111999Wrede, Matthias
"Alte" und "neue" Wachstumstheorie : exogenes versus endogenes Wachstum uniba/340261996Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter ; Wrede, Matthias
Eine Bemerkung zu Steuerhinterziehung und Risikoübernahme uniba/259531991Wrede, Matthias
Fiscal equalisation : principles and an application to the European Union uniba/74402001Hayo, Bernd; Wrede, Matthias
Fiscal policy in a federation : considering dynamic budget constraints uniba/340401996Wrede, Matthias; Hayo, Bernd
Fiscal policy in a Keynesian model of a closed monetary union uniba/299681994Hayo, Bernd; Wrede, Matthias
Fiskalische Externalitäten im föderativen Staat uniba/203452002Wrede, Matthias
Gesamtwirtschaftliches Wachstum und Staatsverschuldung uniba/340481997Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter ; Wrede, Matthias
Global environmental problems and actions taken by coalitions uniba/351581998Wrede, Matthias
Golden rule fiscal policy uniba/299731993Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter ; Wrede, Matthias
Golden rule fiscal policy uniba/259381992Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter ; Wrede, Matthias
Household mobility and the moderate Leviathan : efficiency, decentralization, and population size uniba/322581996Wrede, Matthias
Integration and transformation in Albania, Hungary, and Macedonia : conference volume; July 5th - July 7th, 2001, Schloss Geyerswörth "Renaissancesaal" Bamberg, Germany uniba/75432002Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter ; Kächelein, Holger ; Derlien, Hans-Ulrich; Engelhard, Johann ; Sieckmann, Jan-R.; Wrede, Matthias
Local public goods, heterogeneous population, voluntary transfers, and efficient allocations uniba/322601995Wrede, Matthias
Local public goods, heterogenous population, voluntary transfers, and constrained efficient allocations uniba/340521997Wrede, Matthias
Lohnsteuerklasse V nach dem Jahressteuergesetz 1996 uniba/340361996Wrede, Matthias
Mobility and reliefs for traveling expenses to work uniba/355991999Wrede, Matthias
On a principle of chain-exchange for vehicle-routeing problems (1-VRP) uniba/231801990Fahrion, Roland; Wrede, Matthias
Optimalsteuertheorie und konstitutionelle Steuertheorie : der Versuch einer Integration uniba/340861996Wrede, Matthias
Öffentliche Verschuldung in einem föderalen Staat : Stabilität, vertikale Zuweisungen und Verschuldungsgrenzen uniba/322731996Wrede, Matthias
Ökonomische Theorie des Steuerentzuges : Steuervermeidung, -umgehung und -hinterziehung uniba/299781993Wrede, Matthias
Pareto efficiency of the Pay-as-you-go pension system in a Three- Period-OLG model uniba/353711998Wrede, Matthias
Public debt in a federation : growth and stability uniba/348431997Wrede, Matthias; Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter
Shared tax sources and public expenditures uniba/322301996Wrede, Matthias
Should commuting expenses be tax deductible? : a welfare analysis uniba/77012001Wrede, Matthias
Small states, large unitary states and federations uniba/93172002Wrede, Matthias
Spillovers, tax competition, and tax earmarking uniba/322401997Wrede, Matthias
Steuerfreistellung des Existenzminimums uniba/298111995Wrede, Matthias
Steuerhinterziehung und endogenes Wachstum uniba/299641993Wrede, Matthias
Tax competition and federalism : the underprovision of local public goods uniba/322341997Wrede, Matthias
Tax competition, locational choice, and market power uniba/299211994Wrede, Matthias
Tax evasion and growth uniba/340821995Wrede, Matthias
Tax evation and risk tasking : is tax evasion desirable? uniba/340541995Wrede, Matthias
Taxation in transition economies uniba/322211995Wrede, Matthias
Vertical and horizontal tax competition : will unco- coordinated Leviathans end up on the wrong side of the Laffer curve uniba/340341996Wrede, Matthias
Vertical and horizontal tax competition : will uncoordinated Leviathans end up on the wrong side of the Laffer curve? uniba/322261995Wrede, Matthias
Vertical externalities and control of politicians uniba/67862000Wrede, Matthias
Why income taxation need not harm growth uniba/299231994Betten, Michael; Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter ; Wrede, Matthias
Why income taxation need not harm growth uniba/340321995Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter ; Betten, Michael; Wrede, Matthias
Yardstick competition to tame the Leviathan uniba/76582001Wrede, Matthias