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European legislation and the European court of justice - impacts on worker participation in Europe : paper presented at the IREC "Governance issues in shifting industrial and employment relations" from August 26th to 28th, 2004 at Utrecht University uniba/116412004Schwimbersky, Sandra
European legislation and the European Court of Justice -impacts on worker participation in Europe. Konferenzpapier im Rahmen der IREC "Governance issues in shifting industrial and employment relations" in Utrecht von 26.-28.08.2004 uniba/712004Schwimbersky, Sandra
The European Company and current European Court of Justice rulings on the freedom of establishment - Consistent European regulations? Arbeitspapier präsentiert im Rahmen eines Workshops an der Universität Bamberg von 19.-20. November 2004 uniba/692004Schwimbersky, Sandra
The European company statute - Examination of its impacts on co-determination. Konferenzpapier im Rahmen des IIRA Kongresses "The future of work in Europe - Market and economic and social cohesion" in Lissabon von 7.-11.09.2004 uniba/582004Schwimbersky, Sandra
The legal structure of European groups - European legislation as a means to bypass board-level representation? uniba/116442004Schwimbersky, Sandra
Worker participation in Europe - Current developments and its impacts on employees outside the EU. Konferenzpapier präsentiert im Rahmen der AIRAANZ Konferenz "Reworking work" in Sydney von 09.-11. February 2005 uniba/622005Schwimbersky, Sandra