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Bayesian estimation in IRT models with missing values in background variables uniba/400702015Aßmann, Christian  ; Gaasch, Christoph; Pohl, Steffi; Carstensen, Claus H.
Competence assessment of students with special educational needs : identification of appropriate testing accommodations uniba/218272015Südkamp, Anna; Pohl, Steffi; Weinert, Sabine  
Do balanced scales assess bipolar constructs? The case of the STAI scales uniba/203942009Pohl, Steffi
Estimation of Plausible Values Considering Partially Missing Background Information : A Data Augmented MCMC Approach uniba/405132016Gaasch, Christoph; Pohl, Steffi; Carstensen, Claus H.
Estimation of plausible values using background variables with missing values : A data augmented MCMC approach uniba/487042014Aßmann, Christian ; Carstensen, Claus H. ; Gaasch, Christoph; Pohl, Steffi
How Bias Reduction Is Affected by Covariate Choice, Unreliability, and Mode of Data Analysis: Results From Two Types of Within-Study Comparisons uniba/203932009Pohl, Steffi
Including students with special educational needs in the competence assessment of the NEPS : results on the comparability of test scores in reading uniba/404862016Südkamp, Anna; Pohl, Steffi; Heydrich, Jana; Weinert, Sabine  
Measuring Competencies across the Lifespan : Challenges of Linking Test scores uniba/408252015Pohl, Steffi; Haberkorn, Kerstin; Carstensen, Claus H.
Metacognitive knowledge in children at early elementary school uniba/208292014Haberkorn, Kerstin; Lockl, Kathrin; Pohl, Steffi; Ebert, Susanne; Weinert, Sabine  
Modeling Common Traits and Method Effects in Multitrait-Multimethod Analysis uniba/49632010Pohl, Steffi; Steyer, Rolf
NEPS Technical Report - Scaling the Data of the Competence Tests uniba/17512012Pohl, Steffi; Carstensen, Claus H.
Scaling of competence tests in the National Educational Panel Study – Many questions, some answers, and further challenges uniba/23582013Pohl, Steffi; Carstensen, Claus H.
Scoring of Complex Multiple Choice Items in NEPS Competence Tests uniba/405012016Haberkorn, Kerstin; Pohl, Steffi; Carstensen, Claus H. ; Wiegand, Elena
Strukturgleichungsmodelle = Structural Equation Models uniba/34452010Pohl, Steffi
Taking the Missing Propensity Into Account When Estimating Competence Scores : Evaluation of Item Response Theory Models for Nonignorable Omissions uniba/219072014Köhler, Carmen; Pohl, Steffi; Carstensen, Claus H.
Testing students with special educational needs in large-scale assessments : Psychometric properties of test scores and associations with test taking behavior uniba/404352016Pohl, Steffi; Südkamp, Anna; Hardt, Katinka; Carstensen, Claus H.; Weinert, Sabine  
Unbiased Causal Inference From an Observational Study: Results of a Within-Study Comparison uniba/203952009Pohl, Steffi
Univariate deskriptive Statistik uniba/50112010Pohl, Steffi