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A playful comment on word and music relations: Anthony Burgess's Mozart and the Wolf Gang uniba/376331999Müller, Anja
Alan Ayckbourn's Beggar's Opera as A Chorus of Disapproval (1984) uniba/143242006Müller, Anja
Anglistentag 2005 Bamberg: Proceedings / Preface uniba/147232006Houswitschka, Christoph ; Knappe, Gabriele  ; Müller, Anja
Anglistentag 2005 Bamberg: Proceedings ; Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association of University Teachers of English, XXVII uniba/146822006Houswitschka, Christoph ; Knappe, Gabriele  ; Müller, Anja
"Architext/Architextualität." uniba/376411998Müller, Anja
"Culler, Jonathan Dwight" uniba/376491998Müller, Anja
Envisioning Age Distinctions in Eighteenth-Century Prints uniba/154552007Müller, Anja
Family Matters : (Rezensionsartikel zu: Alryyes, Ala A., Original Subjects : the child, the novel, and the nation : Cambridge, Mass. u.a., 2001 ; Sexualité, mariage et famille au XVIIIe siècle : colloque de Vancouver du 1er au 3 mai 1997 / sous la dir. de Olga B. Cragg ; Rosena Davison : Sainte-Foy, Québec, 1998 ; Schindler, Stephan K., Das Subjekt als Kind : die Erfindung der Kindheit im Roman des 18. Jahrhunderts : Berlin, 1994 ; Tadmor, Naomi, Family and friends in eighteenth-century England : household, kinship, and patronage. - 1. publ. : Cambridge u.a., 2001) uniba/94162003Müller, Anja
Fashioning age and identity: Childhood and the stages of life in eighteenth-century English periodicals uniba/137072006Müller, Anja
Fashioning childhood in the eighteenth century / Introduction uniba/136702006Müller, Anja
Fashioning childhood in the eighteenth century : age and identity uniba/136632006Müller, Anja
Fashioning Childhood: Tagungsbericht uniba/115002004Müller, Anja
Framing childhood in eighteenth-century English periodicals and prints : 1689 - 1789 uniba/186632009Müller, Anja
"Hypotext" uniba/376561998Müller, Anja
Identifying an Age-Specific English Literature for Children uniba/52102011Müller, Anja
"It's wanting to know that makes us matter" : scepticism or affirmation in Tom Stoppard's Arcadia ; A response to Burkhard Niederhoff uniba/110262004Müller, Anja
Mader, Doris, Wirklichkeitsillusion und Wirklichkeitserkenntnis : eine themen- und strukturanalytische Untersuchung ausgewählter großer Bühnendramen Tom Stoppards : Heidelberg, 2000 uniba/124122004Müller, Anja
Mediating identities in Eighteenth-century England : public negotiations, literary discourses, topography uniba/51642011Müller, Anja
Our Antipodean Neo-Victorians - Australian Neo- Victorian Novels uniba/48722010Müller, Anja
Pfeffer, Jay Alan, German loanwords in English : an historical dictionary / J. Alan Pfeffer ; Garland Cannon : Cambridge u.a., 1994 uniba/376451996Müller, Anja
Picturing Aesops: Re-visions of Aesop's fables from L' Estrange to Richardson uniba/110232004Müller, Anja
"Präsupposition" uniba/376351998Müller, Anja
Preaching an Irish messiah: Biblical allusions and myth-making in Lady Gregory's The Gaol Gate uniba/376521998Müller, Anja
Putting the Child into Discourse: Framing Children in "The Spectator" uniba/130302005Müller, Anja
Re-presenting Representations: The landscape garden as a sight/site of difference in Tom Stoppard's Arcadia uniba/369461999Müller, Anja
Re-Visiting (Anti-)Theatricality in Frances Burney's "Evelina" uniba/130352005Müller, Anja
Reading Children: Creating a Literary Discourse for Children in "Mrs. Leicester's School" uniba/149212006Müller, Anja
Redeeming through Storytelling in Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" uniba/43722010Müller, Anja
Repräsentationen : eine Studie des intertextuellen und intermedialen Spiels von Tom Stoppards Arcadia uniba/79112001Müller, Anja
Sam 2.0: Appropriations, Interpretations and Adaptations of Beckett on YouTube uniba/203862009Müller, Anja
Spectatorship and Performance in Eighteenth-Century Periodicals uniba/149032006Müller, Anja
Staging displacement, exile and diaspora : papers given on the occasion of the thirteenth annual conference of the German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English uniba/124102005Houswitschka, Christoph ; Müller, Anja
The Lords of the Rings: Wagner's Ring and Tolkien's ' Faerie' uniba/153362007Müller, Anja
Tom Stoppards "Arcadia": Eine postmoderne Re(-) präsentation des englischen Landschaftsgartens uniba/153932007Müller, Anja
"Transposition" uniba/376461998Müller, Anja
"Travesties" uniba/154542007Müller, Anja
Wagner, Hans-Peter, A history of British, Irish and American literature : Trier, 2003 uniba/124162005Müller, Anja
'We are also Europe': Staging displacement in David Greig's plays uniba/124572005Müller, Anja
White symphonies with red spots: Color and the representation of women in four poems by Oscar Wilde uniba/95692003Müller, Anja
Writing 'Wilde': the importance of re-presenting Oscar Wilde in Fin-de- millénaire drama in English (Stoppard, Hare, Ravenhill) uniba/79142002Müller, Anja
You have been framed": The function of ekphrasis for the representation of women in John Banville's trilogy ( The Book of Evidence, Ghosts, Athena) uniba/101772004Müller, Anja