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Can trajectories of glycemic control be predicted by depression, anxiety, or diabetes-related distress in a prospective cohort of adults with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes? Results of a five-year follow-up from the German multicenter diabetes cohort study (GMDC-Study) uniba/462432018Kampling, Hanna; Mittag, Oskar; Herpertz, Stephan; Baumeister, Harald; Kulzer, Bernd; Petrak, Frank
Comparing national policies and programmes for education and training in diabetes management uniba/403692016Kovacs Burns, Katharina; Skovlund, Soren; Comaschi, Marco; Hermanns, Norbert ; Kulzer, Bernd; Oortwijn, Wija; Peyrot, Mark
Development of a new tool to assess bolus calculation and carbohydrate estimation uniba/417662016Ehrmann, Dominic; Hermanns, Norbert ; Reimer, Andre; Weißmann, Jörg; Haak, Thomas; Kulzer, Bernd
Efficacy of an education and treatment programme for people with type 2 diabetes on a non-intensive insulin regimen (MEDIAS2 BOT+SIT+CT): results of a RCT uniba/422002017Hermanns, Norbert ; Maier, Berthold; Schall, Sabine; Haak, Thomas; Kulzer, Bernd
Freedom of Science : Can Industry Influence What Scientists Publish? uniba/394802014Ziegler, Ralph; Schnell, Oliver; Kulzer, Bernd; Gilbart, James; Heinemann, Lutz
hs-CRP predicts improvement in depression in patients with type 1 diabetes and major depression undergoing depression treatment: Results from the Diabetes and Depression (DAD) study uniba/417922016Zahn, Daniela; Herpertz, Stephan; Albus, Christian; Hermanns, Norbert ; Hiemke, Christoph; Hiller, Wolfgang; Kronfeld, Kai; Kruse, Johannes; Kulzer, Bernd; Müller, Matthias J; Ruckes, Christian; Petrak, Frank
Makes FLASH the difference between the intervention group and the treatment-as-usual group in an evaluation study of a structured education and treatment programme for flash glucose monitoring devices in people with diabetes on intensive insulin therapy: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial uniba/462462018Schipfer, Melanie; Albrecht, Carmen; Ehrmann, Dominic; Haak, Thomas; Kulzer, Bernd; Hermanns, Norbert
Risk for High Depressive Symptoms in Diagnosed and Previously Undetected Diabetes: 5-Year Follow-Up Results of the Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study uniba/393942013Icks, Andrea; Albers, Bernd; Haastert, Burkhard; Pechlivanis, Sonali; Pundt, Noreen; Slomiany, Uta; Erbel, Raimund; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz; Kruse, Johannes; Kulzer, Bernd; Nowotny, Bettina; Herder, Christian; Giani, Guido; Moebus, Susanne