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Biasing Politics? Interest Group Participation in EU Policy-Making uniba/19782012Klüver, Heike
Bicameralism, intra-party bargaining, and the formation of party policy positions uniba/210342014Klüver, Heike; Bäck, Hanna; Debus, Marc
Do parties respond? How electoral context influences party responsiveness uniba/64972014Klüver, Heike; Spoon, Jae-Jae
Europeanization of Lobbying Activities: When National Interest Groups Spill Over to the European Level uniba/60492010Klüver, Heike
Explaining Policy Position Choice of Europarties: The Effect of Legislative Resources uniba/19822013Klüver, Heike; Rodon, Toni
Identifying frames : A comparison of research methods uniba/61782014Klüver, Heike; Boräng, Frida; Eising, Rainer; Mahoney, Christine; Naurin, Daniel; Rasch, Daniel; Rozbicka, Patrycja
Ideological congruency and decision-making speed : The effect of partisanship across EU institutions uniba/61982013Klüver, Heike; Sagarzazu, Iñaki
Informational Lobbying in the European Union: The Effect of Organisational Characteristics uniba/20312012Klüver, Heike
Interessenvermittlung in der Europäischen Union : nationale Verbände auf dem Weg nach Brüssel uniba/207262008Klüver, Heike
Interessenvermittlung in der Europäischen Union : nationale Verbände auf dem Weg nach Brüssel uniba/20222012Klüver, Heike
Legislative lobbying in context: towards a conceptual framework of interest group lobbying in the European Union uniba/214972015Klüver, Heike; Braun, Caelesta; Beyers, Jan
Les lobbies dans la gouvernance ou la main – invisible – du marché uniba/61822014Klüver, Heike
Lobbying as a collective enterprise: winners and losers of policy formulation in the European Union uniba/20272013Klüver, Heike
Lobbying in coalitions: Interest group influence on European Union policy- making uniba/60462011Klüver, Heike
Lobbying in the European Union : interest groups, lobbying coalitions, and policy change uniba/19712013Klüver, Heike
Die Macht der Informationen: Eine empirische Analyse von Lobbyingerfolg in der Europäischen Union uniba/19812012Klüver, Heike
Measuring interest group influence using quantitative text analysis uniba/61802012Klüver, Heike
Measuring Interest Group Influence Using Quantitative Text Analysis uniba/207282009Klüver, Heike
Opening the black box: The professionalization of interest groups in the European Union uniba/19792013Klüver, Heike; Saurugger, Sabine
The contextual nature of lobbying: Explaining lobbying success in the European Union uniba/60892011Klüver, Heike
Thomson, Robert, Resolving controversy in the European Union : legislative decision-making before and after enlargement / Robert Thomson : Cambridge, UK, 2011 uniba/62152012Klüver, Heike