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A Combined Analytical and Search-Based Approach to the Inductive Synthesis of Functional Programs uniba/2502010Kitzelmann, Emanuel
An Explanation Based Generalization Approach to Inductive Synthesis of Functional Programs uniba/131532005Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Schmid, Ute  
Analysis and Evaluation of Inductive Programming Systems in a Higher- Order Framework uniba/182152008Hofmann, Martin; Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Schmid, Ute  
Analytical Inductive Functional Programming uniba/182562008Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Applying Inductive Program Synthesis to Induction of Number Series A Case Study with IGOR2 uniba/210282014Hofmann, Jacqueline; Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Schmid, Ute  
Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming : third International Workshop, AAIP 2009, Edinburgh, UK, September 4, 2009 ; revised Papers uniba/33782010Schmid, Ute  ; Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Cost optimality and predictability of parallel programming with skeletons uniba/116002003Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Data-driven induction of recursive functions from input/output-examples uniba/167452007Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Data-driven learning of functions over algebraic datatypes from input/ output examples uniba/167442007Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Design and implementation of a cost-optimal parallel tridiagonal system solver using skeletons uniba/115922003Kitzelmann, Emanuel
ECML 2007 PKDD Warsaw, Poland ; The 18th European Conference on Machine Learning and the 11th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases ; Proceedings of the Workshop on Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming ; AAIP'07, September 17, 2007, Warsaw, Poland uniba/167422007Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Schmid, Ute  
From Sensorimotor Graphs to Rules: An Agent Learns from a Stream of Experience uniba/54842011Raab, Marius Hans  ; Wernsdorfer, Mark ; Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Schmid, Ute  
I/O Guided Detection of List Catamorphisms - Towards Problem Specific Use of Program Templates in IP uniba/39622010Hofmann, Martin; Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Inductive functional programming - a term- construction and folding approach uniba/115912003Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Inductive Programming Meets the Real World uniba/400612015Gulwani, Sumit; Hernández-Orallo, José; Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Muggleton, Stephen H.; Schmid, Ute  ; Zorn, Benjamin
Inductive Programming: A Survey of Program Synthesis Techniques uniba/33652010Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Inductive Rule Learning on the Knowledge Level uniba/54422011Schmid, Ute  ; Kitzelmann, Emanuel
Inductive Synthesis of Functional Programs - an Explanation Based Generalization Approach uniba/146662006Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Schmid, Ute  
Inductive Synthesis of Recursive Functional Programs - A Comparison of Three Systems uniba/167922007Hofmann, Martin; Hirschberger, Andreas; Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Schmid, Ute  
Porting IGORII from MAUDE to HASKELL uniba/33852010Hofmann, Martin; Kitzelmann, Emanuel; Schmid, Ute  
Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming (AAIP 2009) uniba/197632009Schmid, Ute  ; Kitzelmann, Emanuel