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Dilemmas in Choosing and Using Growth Charts uniba/8952012Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael; Staub, Kaspar; van Buuren, Stef
Final height, target height and the community. uniba/401072014Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael; Groth, Detlef; Staub, Kaspar
Harmonizing national growth references for multi-centre surveys, drug monitoring, and international postmarketing surveillance uniba/8852012Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael; Wöhling, Heike; Zabransky, M.
Height and skeletal morphology in relation to modern life style uniba/400672015Hermanussen, Michael; Scheffler, C.; Groth, Detlef; Aßmann, Christian  
Modeling determinants of growth : evidence for a community-based target in height? uniba/400802013Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael
Sex, Sport, IGF-1 and the community effect in height hypothesis uniba/401232015Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael; Blum, Werner F.; Bogin, Barry
Statistical agreement and cost-benefit: Comparison of methods for constructing growth reference charts uniba/52472010Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael; Tutkuviene, J.
Synthetic growth reference charts uniba/400792015Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael; Stec, Karol; Meigen, C.; van Buuren, Stef
The Community Effect in Swiss Conscripts uniba/401062013Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael; Staub, Kaspar
The Community Effect on Growth uniba/401042013Aßmann, Christian  ; Hermanussen, Michael
The impact of physical connectedness on body height in Swiss conscripts uniba/400742014Hermanussen, Michael; Aßmann, Christian  ; Staub, Kaspar; Groth, Detlef; Alt, Christoph