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A Kantian sublime in Shelley: "Respect for our own vocation" uniba/334171997Bode, Christoph
"A Mercia of the mind" : Geoffrey Hill's "Mercian hymns" and the poetical transcendence of time and place uniba/261151992Bode, Christoph
A modern debate over universals? : critical theory vs. "essentialism" uniba/321991997Bode, Christoph
Aldous Huxley: "Brave new world" uniba/293951993Bode, Christoph
Alexander Kinglake, Eothen or Traces of travel brought home from the East (1844) oder Wie man sich nicht ansteckt uniba/313871997Bode, Christoph
Ambiguität uniba/334241997Bode, Christoph
"And what were thou ...?" : Essay über Shelley und das Erhabene uniba/261141992Bode, Christoph
Anglia 1933-45 uniba/92092002Bode, Christoph
Anglistentag <2003, München>: Proceedings uniba/111572004Bode, Christoph
Anglistische Literaturwissenschaft und/oder Cultural Studies uniba/334161996Bode, Christoph
Azores high, Iceland low: The location and dynamics of Shakespeare's meaning and value (My dinner with Christoph) uniba/66202000Bode, Christoph
Äquivokation uniba/334251997Bode, Christoph
Bate, Jonathan, Romantic ecology : London, 1991 uniba/260861992Bode, Christoph
Beyond, around, into one's own : Reiseliteratur als Paradigma von Welt-Erfahrung uniba/307981994Bode, Christoph
Bradshaw, Graham, Misrepresentations : Shakespeare and the materialists ; Ithaca, 1993. Vickers, Brian, Appropriating Shakespeare : contemporary critical quarrels : New Haven, 1993 erschienen 1994 uniba/334211996Bode, Christoph
Crossing the border - closing a gap : notes on the hermeneutics of teaching English poetry to foreign students uniba/260831992Bode, Christoph
Eco, Umberto, The limits of interpretation : Bloomington, 1990 uniba/261221992Bode, Christoph
Epistemological inconsistencies in Aldous Huxley's later works uniba/334221996Bode, Christoph
Essais de stylistique structurale (Michael Riffaterre) uniba/307691995Bode, Christoph
Fabian, Bernhard, Die englische Literatur. - Bd. 1 - : München, 1991 uniba/307581993Bode, Christoph
Freya Stark, The valleys of the Assassins and other Persian travels ( 1934) oder "Ich bin ein hillman" uniba/313501997Bode, Christoph
Grundfragen der Lyrikanalyse uniba/334131995Bode, Christoph
Harland, Richard, Superstructuralism : London, 1987 und Merquior, José G., From Prague to Paris : London, 1986 uniba/260771991Bode, Christoph
Historicizing, contemporizing Shakespeare / Introduction uniba/66622000Bode, Christoph
Historicizing, contemporizing Shakespeare : essays in honour of Rudolf Böhm uniba/66102000Bode, Christoph
Introduction: Anglistik during the Third Reich uniba/92032002Bode, Christoph
John Keats: Play on uniba/313451996Bode, Christoph
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, The Turkish embassy letters (1763) ; oder Die aufgeklärte Aristokratin uniba/313461997Bode, Christoph
Die literarische Moderne in Europa / Hans Joachim Piechotta ... ( Hrsg.). - Bd. 1 - 3 : Opladen uniba/334341997Bode, Christoph
"Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!" : notes on the nonteachability of poetry uniba/307591994Bode, Christoph
Maureen Duffy, London, in interview with Christoph Bode uniba/334121995Bode, Christoph
Maureen Duffy: a polyphonic sub-version of realism uniba/313571997Bode, Christoph
Mimesis (Erich Auerbach) uniba/308021995Bode, Christoph
Nominalism and literary discourse : new perspectives uniba/321511997Bode, Christoph
Das Paradox in post-mimetischer Literatur und post-strukturalistischer Literaturtheorie uniba/261201992Bode, Christoph
Perloff, Marjorie, Radical artifice : writing poetry in the age of media ; Chicago, 1991. Quartermain, Peter, Disjunctive poetics : from Gertrude Stein and Louis Zukofsky to Susan Howe : Cambridge, 1992 uniba/334201994Bode, Christoph
Putting the Lake District on the (mental) map: William Wordsworth's "Guide to the lakes" uniba/334681997Bode, Christoph
Re-definitions of the canon of English romantic poetry in recent anthologies uniba/70152000Bode, Christoph
Re-mapping romanticism: gender - text - context : selected papers delivered at the symposium of the "Gesellschaft für Englische Romantik" held at the University of Erfurt (November 1999) uniba/78812001Bode, Christoph
Richard Francis Burton, Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to Al- Madinah & Meccah (1855/56) oder Wo Fremde war, soll Burton sein uniba/313481997Bode, Christoph
Robert Byron, The road to Oxiana (1937) oder Der heilige Robert als sic transit-Reisender uniba/313491997Bode, Christoph
Roe, Nicholas, Wordsworth and Coleridge : Oxford, 1988 uniba/307651994Bode, Christoph
Romanticism and deconstruction : distant relations and elective affinities uniba/260751992Bode, Christoph
Schenkel, Elmar, Sense of place : Regionalität und Raumbewußtsein in der neueren britischen Lyrik : Tübingen, 1993. - uniba/334311996Bode, Christoph
Schwanitz, Dietrich, Systemtheorie und Literatur : Opladen, 1990 uniba/261191992Bode, Christoph
Shelley's "Mont Blanc" : the aesthetic "Aufhebung" of philosophical antinomy uniba/293921994Bode, Christoph
Shelley, Percy B., The prose works of Percy Bysshe Shelley / ed. by E. B. Murray : Oxford. - 1. (1993). - Shelley / ed. and introd. by Michael O'Neill ; London, 1993 uniba/334721996Bode, Christoph
Singing the canon : warum Mehrstimmigkeit eine gute Sache ist uniba/334261997Bode, Christoph
Das Subjekt in der englischen Romantik uniba/248661998Bode, Christoph
Den Text? - Die Haut retten! : Bemerkungen zur Flut der Interpretationen und zur institutionalisierten Literaturwissenschaft uniba/261111992Bode, Christoph