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AGReMo: Filmempfehlungen fuer Ad-Hoc Gruppen auf mobilen Endgeraeten uniba/53982011Beckmann, Christoph; Gross, Tom
AGReMo: Providing Ad-Hoc Groups with On-Demand Recommendations on Mobile Devices uniba/53562011Beckmann, Christoph; Gross, Tom
FabAR : Interaktive Fabrikation von 3D-Drucken durch Mashups uniba/211532014Beckmann, Christoph; Fetter, Mirko; Gross, Tom
Gemeinsam einig: Partizipation in Gruppenempfehlungssystemen uniba/12872012Beckmann, Christoph; Herr, Sascha; Gross, Tom
GroupRecoPF: A Distributed Platform for Innovative Group Recommendations uniba/53652011Gross, Tom ; Beckmann, Christoph
Human-Computer Interaction : Concepts, Methods, Tools uniba/436752018Gross, Tom ; Beckmann, Christoph
Informing the Design of Group Recommender Systems uniba/12672012Herr, Sascha; Rösch, Andreas G.; Beckmann, Christoph; Gross, Tom
INTERACT 2015 Adjunct Proceedings. 15th IFIP TC.13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 14-18 September 2015, Bamberg, Germany uniba/211592015Bellino, Alessio; Sutherland, Craig; Luxton-Reilly, Andrew; Plimmer, Beryl; Greis, Miriam; Wurhofer, Daniela; Vasiliou, Christina; Johansson, Stefan; Ghosh, Sanjay; Dermody, Fiona; Sutherland, Alistar; Farren, Margaret; Swallow, David; Darin, Ticianne; Toko, Guy; Mnkandla, Ernest; Mbaya, Ibrahim R.; Billmann, Dorrit; Archdeachon, John; Deshmukh, Rohit; Feary, Michael; Holbrook, Jon; Stewart, Michael
MagnetiCode : Physical Mobile Interaction through Time-Encoded Magnetic Identification Tags uniba/29892014Fetter, Mirko; Beckmann, Christoph; Gross, Tom
RobustTrav: NAT Optimisation for the RobustCooperation Suite uniba/12962012Beckmann, Christoph; Gross, Tom ; Kastl, Ferdinand
Social Computing : Bridging the Gap Between the Social and the Technical uniba/62432014Beckmann, Christoph; Gross, Tom
The PPPSpace: Innovative Concepts for Permanent Capturing, Persistent Storing, and Parallel Processing and Distributing Events uniba/54222010Gross, Tom ; Beckmann, Christoph
Towards a Group Recommender Process Model for ad-hoc Groups and On-Demand Recommendations uniba/53692010Beckmann, Christoph; Gross, Tom
Towards Group Recommendations at Work uniba/59192011Beckmann, Christoph; Gross, Tom
Towards Increased Utility of and Satisfaction with Group Recommender Systems uniba/16152013Gross, Tom ; Beckmann, Christoph
Workshop on Group Recommender Systems: Concepts, Technology, Evaluation (GroupRS) uniba/16552013Gross, Tom ; Masthoff, Judith; Beckmann, Christoph